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Garage Roofs Edinburgh provide garage demolition and removal services, including safe removal of asbestos garage roofs. Do you have an old garage that’s deteriorating or seldom used? Perhaps it needs a roof repair or is so outdated it should be removed entirely. With fewer people using garages these days, you might want to repurpose the space. Consider the positive impact reclaiming this area could have on your home and garden. Look at neighbouring properties to gather ideas that align with your preferences. Once you see the space wasted by the old garage, you’ll envision its potential for a more useful and attractive purpose.

If street parking is ample, you could transform the space into a lawn with decking and a patio, creating a welcoming family garden. Removing the garage might increase your home’s value, as potential buyers often view an unused garage as an expense. Additionally, remember that the materials in old garages can pose risks, such as asbestos in the roof.

""Garage was removed all in the space of 2 days, really efficient service and fantastic value for money, much cheaper than some other companies who quoted."
James Tomkins, Edinburgh
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Safe Asbestos Removal and Disposal

Asbestos from your roof needs to be securely sealed in an authorised container and taken to a SEPA licensed disposal facility. At this facility, it will be handled correctly and assigned a unique SEPA code. Our main disposal site is in Edinburgh. Due to its high toxicity and health risks, asbestos disposal usually costs more than disposing of other types of waste.

About Garage Roofs Edinburgh Ltd.

Although only recently formed, the company has worked alongside Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions for many years and our owner has 24 years experience working as a roofer.

We have a strong background in all aspects of roofing, however, we are specialists in garage roofing and flat roofing installing literally thousands of these types of roofs across Scotland over the last 15 years.

As stated above our areas of expertise includes garage roof replacement and repair, asbestos garage roof overcladding & replacement and all aspects of flat roofing including EPDM Firestone rubber roof application.


All of our quotes are completed by the company owner. We pride ourselves on offering transparent, honest pricing with no hard sales. Our quality of workmanship, strong track record and competitive rates mean we do not have to use such tactics.

Remove Asbestos Roof Before Demolition

You might discover that your garage roof contains asbestos, especially if it’s a grey coloured corrugated material. This is a common indicator of asbestos presence. If you confirm its presence, you’ll likely want to arrange for its safe removal.

Asbestos Garage Demolition and Disposal

Asbestos remains a significant health risk in the UK, claiming thousands of lives each year. Inhaling its fibers can lead to severe lung damage and illnesses that may manifest many years after exposure. Strict protocols are in place for the safe removal and disposal of asbestos from garages. These procedures prioritise the health and safety of workers involved in the removal process.

Once a popular choice for garage construction due to its affordability and lightweight nature, asbestos was later found to be hazardous. Many buildings constructed up to 1990 may still contain asbestos in their garages. We are licensed to safely remove and dispose of these materials, ensuring the utmost care for our team and the environment.

Damaged structures pose an increased risk of asbestos fiber release, potentially spreading the hazard further. If your garage shows signs of damage or looks worn out, it’s advisable to consider its removal, and we’re here to assist with that task.

Old Garage Demolition Edinburgh

If you have an old or damaged garage that needs to be removed, we’re here to assist. Whether it’s a single or double garage or even a larger workshop, we can handle its demolition for you. We conduct a thorough risk assessment to check for asbestos in the walls and roof. If asbestos is present, our expert team will manage its safe removal, ensuring all protocols are followed.

Being licensed waste carriers, we’ll clear the site of all old garage materials, leaving it clean and ready for your next project. Considering building a new garage in its place? We can also assist with preparing the base area, providing a flat, level surface tailored to the dimensions of your new garage.

Leaking / Damaged Garage Demolition Edinburgh

Your garage might have deteriorated due to water leaks, causing irreparable damage. Neglect and inadequate waterproofing can make garages susceptible to leaks. Common entry points for water include unsealed doors and unsealed concrete or brick floors and walls. Flat roofs, if not regularly maintained, can also contribute to leaking issues.

Often, garages aren’t a household priority and may lack proper insulation, exacerbating leak problems that go unnoticed for extended periods. Concrete’s porous nature can absorb water, leading to cracks that allow even more water ingress.

These leaks can result in significant damage, necessitating costly repairs. Additionally, any items stored in the garage could be damaged. While a garage adds value to your property, a leaking one can detract from its appeal to potential buyers.

Professional Garage Demolition Edinburgh

Experience the professionalism of our garage demolition service as we efficiently dismantle your structure, often completing the job in just one day. Our skilled team ensures the safe demolition and removal of your old garage, leaving the area clean and ready for whatever purpose you have in mind. With years of expertise in demolition, we approach each project with meticulous care.

Using a systematic approach, we dismantle your garage from top to bottom, removing timber, glass, concrete, steel, windows, and even the roof. If your garage contains asbestos, rest assured we handle its removal safely and responsibly along with other materials.

Safety and Standards

Safety is our top priority, and we work diligently to maintain the highest standards, minimising any impact on the surrounding area. You can rely on us to manage the entire debris removal process, ensuring all remnants of your old garage are safely disposed of.

Post demolition, we go the extra mile to clean and tidy the site, adhering to local council guidelines for responsible disposal or recycling of materials. If your garage has an electrical connection, we can coordinate with an electrician to disconnect it before starting the dismantling. Once that’s taken care of, we’ll safely remove the old structure.

Legislation and Legal Standards

You can trust that we’re up-to-date with all current legislation and legal requirements, from working at heights and lifting heavy loads to handling asbestos and preventing premature collapses. Prior to commencing any work, we’ll perform a thorough building survey and risk assessment. If your garage roof has asbestos sheets, rest assured we’ll dispose of them safely, adhering to the guidelines set by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

7 Reasons To Get Your Garage Demolished

  1. You’re interested in adding a new garage.
  2. You’re in search of updated or contemporary storage solutions.
  3. You’re keen to create a patio or garden room.
  4. You want to enlarge your garden or decking space.
  5. The garage is aged and built with dangerous materials such as asbestos.
  6. It blocks the natural light in your area.
  7. It’s a visual nuisance.

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